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Turned to check if the window was unlocked
It was just your arms that were not around me
It was cold
Tried to snuggle closer
And you felt obliged to hold me
On your chest that used to be my warm pillow
I lay on a cold table

We made love like we were making a baby
And now we are thinking divorce
Love has gone out the window
And we make love like routine
You don’t look me in the eye
Like you used to
You don’t suffocate me in your arms
After sex
You show me your back
And you slumber to a world
Where I cannot go
You have slipped into oblivion

You left bed early
And went into the living room
Two minutes later
You are leaving
Yet it’s when you called me
And I called you
Amidst rotten and limitless
Spontaneous arousal
Bodies simmering
With the heat of sex

Your bed was cold last night
Even the warmth
Our bodies emitted on the sheets
To keep us alive
Has gone out the ventilation ducts
And love has walked out of the door
Leaving us homeless and cold

And now our ceiling is leaking
Huge torrents
Like the ones
My eyes dropped on your bed
Last night
Our bed is wet my love
And it’s not the juices
From our gonads
It’s my tears
And this rain that keeps pouring in
Your bed is cold

Gemini Spice




By Gemini Spice

Creative And Vivacious Poet

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