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Rejoiced at birth
Celebrated in every way
Malignant male chauvinism
Never show weakness
Emotions are the enemy

Don’t say or do that,
Be vulnerable,
Cry when the weight of your world is barelling down on you
Crushing your very existence
It isn’t manly
Never crumble and break
Nobody likes weakness in a man
Bury it deep within
That part of you doesn’t exist
It doesn’t matter
Suffer in silence
Till anger tears you apart
And you tear everything else apart

Nights of pain and heartbreak,
Drowning in tears
That breakdown you just had
Never talk about it
Let it, eat you up inside and Drown your soul
Suffer in silence

Toxic masculinity endangers the species
It is choking us
Shoved constantly into our minds since inception
Never be afraid
Always ever be brave
Never show that spine tingling hair raising fear
Suffer in silence

Societies dark relic mentality
So many lost souls it pains the heart
Societal standards intoxicating us before we really live

Break free of this tyranny we must
Appease the fallen souls
Forgotten through the ages
The broken,
Hurt, judged, raped, abused
Physically, mentally, sexually
Beaten and mistreated

When will it end?
This facade hiding reality,
Hiding self,
Hiding the rotten infestation that is our society
It has to end
A new thesis must arise

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