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“Bleed woman, bleed!”

Women like me had been taught to hate our periods and feel shameful when bleeding.

Heck bleeding sisters were not allowed to visit places of worship when bleeding.

Fuck religion if that is unholy! I found my religion in my blood.

Women like me defied all order even if to some people it meant defying God, women like me knew God was on our side every step of the way and he gave us this holy blood, a symbolic representation of our position next to God and our power as creators.

Women like me know that when we bleed, the earth quakes and the moon aligns. Women like me enjoy when we bleed! Women like us called out men who shamed our sisters for bleeding on the sheets at night. Women like me, we bleed, bleed, bleed, bleed, bleeed! And we love bleeding. –



By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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