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“Loving yourself is greatest love of all.”

Lastly, women like me realized that love did not come from men or from women who did not love us back, LOVE COMES FROM WITHIN AND ITS DIVINE!

Women like me learnt with difficulty to look at ourselves in the mirror and not see the trash that men had made of us.

We finished the race on shattered pieces of glass and we won.

Women like us learnt to forget every cruel word ever said by our rapists and the men we expected to love us but all they did was to point out our weaknesses.

Women like me wrote the names of the men that raped us or anything we could remember of them and in the dark night filled with terror, anger, hatred and a quest for better days, we threw the papers into holy fire and watched them burn to ashes!!!

Women like me bought long mirrors and for 21 days of our menstrual cycle, we learnt to heal and love ourselves.

We saw all the beauty that we possessed and we needed no mans affirmation.

Damn, we are fucking amazing!

Boobs, curves, hips, vagina, lips, clitoris, hair, our exudes; breast milk, our periods, sweat, vaginal juices, tears, stretch marks (I love these), birthmarks, scars, our smell, all of this is divine.

We are goddesses!!

We are sacred. Talk about the Sacred feminine.

Women like me learnt to forgive ourselves for ever allowing anyone to make us feel worthless. Like worthless pieces of shit.

Women like me learnt to touch ourselves to climax in front of the mirror. Women like us learnt we had to cultivate and nourish our souls, that was our responsibility.

We took ourselves out on valentines’ day because we realized that Ray would never fill that void.

And Ian’s cheating was not a reflection on ourselves.

And Kevo did not have the right to make me have sleepless nights.

We bought books and nourished our minds because knowledge is power.

And we prayed for each other and in the midst of the dark rain, terror and cold, we found ourselves. Heck, we found God!

#14daysofsisterlove THE END!!!!

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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