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We are the grand daughters of the witches they never got to burn!

For many nights i sat in my small house looking at the ceiling and wondering if this will ever be possible.

Some nights I felt it was too much a task to carry on when the entire world has decided to treat women like second class human beings. Its everywhere in the world and we can see it even with our eyes closed.

But then, it occurred to me that this is the reason why women like me exist. Feminists!

We are the grand daughters of the witches that they did not get to burn and we will use that fire to fight.

Fire that did not burn us once will never touch us. We have come a long way and so much work is to be done.

Thank God for the women who began this fight long time ago. If its difficult for us, how much more difficult was it for them?

The only option we have is to fight and educate.

Women like us before us have fought.

They fought so that we are not viewed as property, so that we can go to school, so that we could do whatever course in school other than home science, so that we could work, so that we could vote.

Participation and representation matters.

We cannot progress when more than half of the world’s population is held back.

We must fight against violence and harassment.

Women must own property.

We exist and we are alive.

Anyone who cannot recognize and respect our existence must be met with resistance. Fight on my sisters.

This goes out to people like Betty KariukiKantai NaserianBonareri OngeriAchieng OlooTarurî GatereRockfreaq DjPunkStella Busolo KhachinaSusan Awak, Afrika, Vivianne OuyaLilyanne NdegeKawira ThambuWaitherero WambuiCherrie KibetDaisy Waitherero Wambua. And all of you that i havent mentioned.


By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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