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“Come on sisters, we got a patriarchy to smash.”

Women like me realized that people with the same reproductive organs like us were not our enemies, competing for men, but friends who could help each other make this society a better place for women. That younger women are no competition of mine, let them enjoy their time, I did mine. Women like me like Wangari Maathai fought for the rights of women and for the preservation of our mother and home. Women like Rebecca Lolosoli began societies like “Umoja” a matriarchy for the protection of women so we could be free. Women like Martha Karua, and Charity Ngilu showed us that women could be great and even vie for presidency. Ellen Johnson Sir-Leaf showed us that an African woman could be president. Its because of women like them, Wangu Wa Makeri, Hypatia, Linah Jebii Kilimo, Caroline Mutoko, Malala Yousazfai, Nadia Murad, and so many more that we have the guts to fight for our rights.

They broke their backs laying the foundations that we would build on. Some did not live to tell their stories but they live on our lips and tongues. Now because of those women, we continue the work. Come on sisters, we have a glass ceiling to break!

Women like me learnt not to call women whose mission was to fight feminists ‘stupid’ and help them see their own liberation. Women like me learnt never to shut up and speak the fuck up when men talked shit about my sisters. I am not different from them. I am cut from the same cloth. They are not sluts, they are using the only resource that we came into this world with. After everyone had stripped us off everything, they could only use their birthday suits. Am sorry I judged sex workers before listening.  –


By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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