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Heeey! We are having so much fun with this Month’s theme! We started this month with a discussion of menstrual instruments.

We gave you a brief on the evolution of the sanitary pad from that achaic pad made from goat or sheep wool which makes me glad that I was born in this era.

Imagine if you were born in this era.

While that was a weird thing to use during your period, we must appreciate the nurses who contributed to the development of the current sanitary towel.

But it didn’t end with just that, we have come from using sanitary towels to tampons and most recently, we have the cloth pad and the menstrual cup.

While we were doing this topic, many of you asked us to discuss the menstrual cup; a relatively new menstrual instrument. So we did an Instagram Live with Ebby from The Grace Cup so she could shed light on this topic.

The Menstrual Cup.

The menstrual Cup is a Medical silicon cup that you insert into your vagina and it collects your blood.

While I am relatively new to this topic, Ebby helped understand how one inserts it into their vagina and you can see that on the IGTV on our Insta here.

Why The Menstrual Cup?

You might be wondering, I use pads or Tampons and they are great for me, so why bother changing? But have you noticed the costs that you save using these cups?

“One goes for roughy 2-3k and it’s something that you can for up to 10 years,” says, Ebby.

Consider using pads that you can buy from anywhere between 50-200 bob. In close to two years, you would have used the amount you will buy the cup with but then, all of the pads would have been disposed. If you can save the 3k then you have a lifetime supply of menstrual products.

“You only need to clean the cup after use, then reuse.” Echoes Ebby.

Last but not least, this is an environmentally friendly product which you don’t dispose as much as much as you do pads.

Given the advantages of this product, it’s something that I am willing to try out, are you???

Many women get bored when they are on their period because they do not get to have the freedom to move around or walk without checking their backs, or feel uncomfortable with a pad against their vagina. Here is a product that can help cross that bridge.

Would you want to use it?? Tell us in the comments below.

Also keep checking us to see where we go with this topic.

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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