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I have seen myself without you.
An “impregnable” sand castle on a storm-raging beach.

The future represents torment for me,
Growing cracks on the old dying walls of my heart; filled with the aching pain of your loss.

Days have turned to darkness.

Darkness smells of hell.
To-be, I was never much,
Without you, is to-be nothing.

You have been the pleasant taste of rain on my tongue,
Awakening the child within; burried deep in the dead, dry, cracked clay.

Like a shoot I sprang to life with the touch of your presence and without you, to the same barren soil I shall shed my leaves of life.

Thoughts of you carry the touch of the gods. A strange calm in my ever tumultuous mind; a gentle breeze on a rough, rocky coast.

It is your radiant energy that powers my weak, struggling heart; the sound of nothing in a beautiful moonlit night; a miracle known only to Christ.

I have seen myself embracing death in that future, singing a dirge bearing my name as we dance hand in hand into the shadows…

I choose the taste of rain, I choose the music of silence, the scorching heat of your complexities and the tears springing from this love. I choose life in its entirety.
I choose thee my love.

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