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Vivid thoughts,
Expressions of rapture,
Visions of fire,
Lucid dreams,
Out of body experiences,
My mind warps this to fit in one.

Selfish gains,
Bubble trains,
Attention snatched,
Bibles wrapped,
Stuck in flames of hell,
But do we really deserve heaven?
Or is hell the disguise,
we already live in!

Love lost,
Joint pains,
Hatred… it’s more in the actions,
Words spiked with alcohol,
Yet we consider ourselves brave,
Talking out the side of ya necks,
Rival after rival,
Stab me today…
I kill you tomorrow,
Vicious cycles of war.

Hunger… pandemic after pandemic,
But I still die,
You watch me die,
But you wanna entertain,
Daily bread I live on,
Christ be my guide,
Drawing on this walls I wish I had,
I see my life manifest,
I wish I could be the president,
But I’m too weak,
I won’t see past tomorrow,
But there’s someone…
Who throws scrapes I desire,
Right out the door,
Leaving it for the street dogs to eat,
I guess my value just tripled lower,
Do you really care?

Scrambled for Africa,
Kill to inherit,
Ravage through human life,
Each rich man for himself,
We,the rest at their mercy,
In my eyes I see you,
White man, black man… alike,
But you see my pigmentation,
That’s how respect just flushed,
Segregation, racism,
Nepotism, social classism,
Sit down and watch the -isms unfold,
All timed, angled and crimed,
But will my voice do?
Just anger some one in power,
There goes my neck,
Five seconds of fame,
… Faded!

I watched my shadow blend,
It made a home in your house,
1,2 click, click and bang bang,
We’re in the murder business.
Sex sex sex sex,
Why are we obsessed?
Why are we just sooo damn obsessed?
Yet we can’t handle the products of sex,
Fine it’s your body,
But c’mon there’s so much more you can do,
I just wanna hide,
Shade from the world,
Quarantined, locked down,
‘Cause I need to replan,
Strategise my way out!

We’re jobless, skilful,
Smart, creative and talented,
But who isn’t right?
We have laid the tarmac,
Till our shoes are worn out,
We have cried till we don’t got tears no more,
And we’ve studied till our brains fried,
We’re a liability,
Social outcasts…
With everyone shouting in your ears,
“You will get a job, a job will come”
But scornfully backbiting you,
Everyone knows your struggle,
But no one wants to help,
What happened to tending a brother?

We want equality,
But don’t wanna put in the work,
We want rights,
But violate them ourselves,
We want freedom,
But misuse it,
We want same sex marriages,
Acceptance but no repentance,
Damn!!we just keep wanting,
But are we reciprocating?
Take take take,
But never wanna give,
We are selfish!
Demands and demands,
Just stop! ??? and think!

The earth is tired,
I’m sure it would be swell,
If we all reincarnated,
Came back as new people,
No technology,
No prejudice,
No right of ownership,
But love ??,
Love ?? is the answer.

On the treadmill,
Running like Kipchoge,
When instantly the world stopped,
Time faded into the continuum,
China ???? sneezed ??,
Sorry, we didn’t have a serviette,
But we caught the flu,
The spread like fungi,
Now we’re dying like flies,
Yet our hospitals can’t hold us,
We’ve lost our jobs,
Sunk into depression,
Wallowing in this valley of death,
Re-learning hygiene,
Social distancing and praying( some of us).

But what about me?
The boy/girl who sleeps in shanty housing?
What about me who doesn’t have a medical cover?
What about me?
Who has never been able to distance;
Because my neighbour and I share an iron sheet?
What about me who sleeps near the sewer?
Do you think the virus scares me?
No… it’s just another day in my life!
I’m sure I’m immune to it,
Don’t pretend to care today,
Yet yesterday I was the stone in your shoe.


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