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Do you know the Reason why Africans Did Cornrows in their head especially?

I’m sure you have seen a lot of black people defending cornrows and African hairstyles and telling white people to Stop appropriating African culture and Respect it!
Some black people even think it’s petty of black people to stop White people from having these hairstyles that are only supposed to be for Black people…
Well you think it’s, petty probably because you don’t know the history behind African Hairstyles, so lemme tell you.

During the onset of Slavery 500yrs ago, Africans lived in Fear and they were a people on the run.

The Original plan of the white people was to Kill all Africans and repopulate Africa! So they would attack Africans in their homes all the time.
They made Africans fight against each other, and reposes their lands…

Now, because Africans were moving too much and with nothing, their crops were destroyed and their wealth scattered, too much that when they got to a new place, they were starting from scratch.
It is this too much movement that forced African to start doing cornrows on their head to specifically HIDE SEEDS, DIAMONDS AND GOLD in between then lines of hair before they pleated them to cover these things up.

These hairstylists were not done for luxury but for survival, and later when Africa got colonized, white people started telling African kids to shave off that hair in order to look “presentable” because the African hair according to them was ugly and informal.

After knowing this history, you can’t just sit down and watch the likes of Kardashians doing cornrows without even any single knowledge on what they represent or why they were created.
It is painful to see people appropriate a culture that your people literally invented for survival.

If the Catholics/Christians/Muslims are too serious about the Rozary, the cross, the Quran and the sacrament too much that you can be cursed for misusing these things… Why can’t Black people be serious about defending their culture??
It wasn’t a joke!


By Taabu

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