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Trouble is that third blunt thats coming my way even though I feel the need to tap out. Never quit on a blunt.

Trouble is that dreadlocked, dark, tall guy who wears shots and shows off his hairy legs. Someone’s gonna get lucky tonight. Me!

Trouble is that jug of keg am gonna drown my sorrows with tonight. Bring them back to back man!

Trouble is that cop that’s coming our way. Dim Io kitu msee. “Bado inanuka?”

Trouble is that cigarette smell around me. Trouble is that my mom wants a hug. Get in and out!

Trouble is that dick looking sweet without a wrapper and the imaginations of it rocking my walls back and forth. Trouble is my calendar shows nature is asking for a baby.

Trouble is that clock that chimming and I don’t want to leave the warmth of his embrace. Trouble is my boss’s insistence on punctuality.

Trouble is my neighbor is hot as fuck. Trouble is his girlfriend looks like she can beat me up.

Trouble is talking to that hot guy who denied that the kids living in his house are his and said that the lady who lives there is his sister.

Trouble is this mouth when my brain can’t handle it no more.

Trouble is my ex-boyfriend got long dreads. Trouble is I want to count them.

Trouble is this movie my brother brought home. Hopefully it makes the one hour prediction.

Trouble is I wanna jump over that kid’s head. He is so small. And his mom is not around.

Trouble is I wanna slap my caretaker so hard he would wonder what the fuck happened.

Trouble is I wanna get into a fight with a girl over nothing. Even if she is twenty kgs heavier than me.

Trouble is I want to remove my clothes and run around our rooftop for at least twenty minutes.

Trouble is I wanna get into a fight with a man and crash his balls.

Trouble is this fourth keg that makes me want to tell the police, ‘fuck you!’ Man fuck the police.

Trouble is I want to cross the superhighway without using the bridge or zebra crossing.

Trouble is that neighborhood hen that’s always running around this area during lunch time.

Trouble is that deadline that’s almost due and no work to show for it.

Trouble is this fuliza limit that can buy some king-sizes, blunts, pills and cigs.

Trouble is that all bean-meal and pepper I was forced to eat at Villa Rossa Jana.

Trouble is this guy is getting really hot as the keg leaves the glass and into my mouth.

Trouble is I wanna show him what my hips can do. Come here lover!!!

Gemini Spice 



By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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    1. Hey Riani. I am very humble by your read and your response. Thank you very much. I hope I can keep you locked

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