When Did Climate Change?

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The smoke that thunders

Is now a weeping child

Searching for sorrow

In streams on her dry lips


Where has the mist gone?

To whom will corpses pray?

When did the slide tilt?

Whose hands moved the fulcrum?


Decades of plenty

Has birthed scarcity

Stratos under siege

Clean air we no longer breathe


Does carbon’s feet fit?

Do we chew as we spew?

What is my mileage?

Can I fly, can I drive?


The globe wobbles down

Drunk in toxic romance

One draft too many

Fishes lose their voices


When did climate change?

Who gave her those that capes?

Are those mourning clothes?

Is she up to some trick?


No cosmos in sight

Daylight wears a blindfold

Underneath the coast

Earth’s cooking for dinner


Where’s this trip’s face?

Why cook earth for dinner?

Will the heat subside?

How long until it’s done?

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