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Bold like Lucifer.
Cold like I’m Jesus.
Sold to proclaim the truth,
No-one to blame, to shame,
Death still my Muse.
I know, I have no money,
I have no honey,
But I know, I can Love.
I can serve.
No, I am not a liability.
It feels like I’m loosing, losing, choosing Abilities.
Amen and Teeth.
Stuck in reality.

So I cut my tits,
My gut unleashed.
If I were you, I wouldn’t call me Norman.
Life such a short spun.

I am a Demon that you know.
I have nothing in common with No man.
This bipolar instincts so real,
My mind in deceit.
My world a Tom and Derrick Seat.
So I choose to be cautious, for no-one is Legit.

Love is Love.
He says, “ Come sit with me”.
So I do as he asks.
Kiss not to Trust,
Smoke in my house,
Blood on my blouse,
So I Drive him so Drowsy.
I keep driving so clumsy.
For I want to leave.
I don’t want to stay .
I don’t want to hide anymore.

My brains are busting,
Keep my Promise,
Keep making love to Nancy.

A dark thought crosses my mind,
I have to clean my grave,
Yes, first things first.
I have to clean out my Closet.

You should come to my world see if you can relate.
At home A – Lone.
No, I’m never alone.
A Queen, but still your Clown.
Perhaps you can tell me what I already No!

Now I see through your Vulnerabilities.
I can’t make the same mistakes.

I know my love is at home alone.
She’s waiting for me.
I’m wondering why I had to look at her,
Right through her eyes and Lie to her.
Make her believe she’s the only one I make love to.
I’m wondering why I had to lie,
That I would keep my promises.
When I knew it wasn’t possible,
To hide from my world.
From the world.
I know I’m in love with her,
But it’s too late,
Trying to make the world a Better Place.
Trying to make everyone understand why I choose to love.
It’s too late to make the world understand why I choose to live a lie.
Now what I’m I going to tell her.
Same lies,
Just a different day.



photocredit: DeviantArt


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