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Sometimes later, you will realize the gravity of pains
I endured while gaze-walking the veins of your soul, heading
towards the path to oblivion
A path where love poems, cumbersome as PhD thesis
were memorized, replicating the artistry of Shakespeare just to hit your soft spot,
what some refer to as mumu button
A path where ganglions of data were burnt like scapegoats
offered by priests on the altar of love; a path adorned with the
blood of men who died serving the religion of hope
But were my sacrifices unworthy to have been accepted,
was my approach filled with erraticisms, misplaced priorities,
strange fires, banalities?
Why then were they not accepted?

By Daniel Ezeokeke

Daniel Ezeokeke Is a writer who hails from the ancient city of Anambra State. He sees poetry as a means of escapism from society undergoing decay and degradation. He is currently a graduate from a Nigerian university and loves philosophy, Jewish writings and history.

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