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They said you were black
Your skin dark
Blemished, dirty, demonic voodoo
‘In the beginning it was dark’
Wear your skin like an armor
It’s a frequency

The underdog bleeds

You are a woman
They said
Ta place a la cuisine!
Your place is in the resistance!
You can choose whichever story
You want to write
Never let them define
You by your vagina
Fuck whomever you please

This underdog is bleeding

O ye poor people
Breaking your backs
Giving them your
Blood, years and tears
Adorn your rebel regalia
Protesting is patriotic
Demand better wages
If they don’t hold
End of bargain
Take industrial action

The patriot is bleeding!

They fantasize about African culture
Adorn our Maasai regalia
Yet call us primitive —
Monkeys in one jungle
Spreading HIV and Malaria
Africa Unite!
Bob said
Sankara tried
Gaddafi died
Let’s gather our resources
Process our own food
And send to them ma’afakas
Exports in ships
This time not our sisters and brothers

Underdog bleeding
There is sin in your genitalia
If your breasts touch another’s breasts
If similar gonads exchange fluids
Faggot! They yelled and chastised
As you hurried
Back to the safety
Of your house
Freak! For wanting to feel
Comfortable in your body
The underdog bleeds
Dip your juices in each other’s wells
Drink to your satisfaction!

Your white privilege does not allow you to see my oppression
Your male privilege cannot see past my breast and buttocks
Your heterosexual privilege will not fight for my rights
To exist in the same space, you claim
We are only passengers here
Your wealth blinds you
To Kibera as you slumber
In the back left of your
To your Karen dwelling
Fuck you Mr. Politician, ‘Mheshimiwa’!
Down with you!
Fuck you if you are not
Trying your best
To increase
Participation and representation
Climb down from your high horse
Or I will pluck you from it
What goes up
Must come down
Come taste the underdog bleeding

This poem was first published at the Kalahari Review @

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