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What are the top 10 essential qualities employers look for in employees in 2022? Potential employees ask.

Employers make a recruitment call, and 200 potential candidates answer, flashing their resumes and portfolios. Eventually, the recruiters reduce the prospects down to a select few, and only one is chosen for the position. How do they decide who to pick?

Depending on the field, corporations look for different skills in their employees.You want to emphasize these abilities in your CV and interviews:

  • Soft Skills 
  • Truthfulness and Transparency 
  • Embracing technology 
  • Interview preparation 
  • Having a Talent Pool
  • Global Skills 
  • Social Media Presence 
  • Self-aware and passionate 
  • Candidates experience
  • Growth mindset  

We’ll go through these top 10 essential qualities employers look for in employees in 2022 and why they’re important to employers.

1.Soft Skills 

top 10 essential qualities employers look for in employees in 2022
top 10 essential qualities employers look for in employees in 2022

According to LinkedIn research conducted in 2021, 34% of employers deemed soft skills to be a desirable attribute in a possible employee. Social skills, Communication skills, emotional skills, creativity, teamwork, and a variety of other abilities are among them. Organisations nowadays are looking for people with certain talents and training for specific jobs.

“The soft skills of a potential employee can have a big impact on their ability to integrate into a company’s culture.”

Jamlick Mwia

Says Jamlick Mwia of Job Seekers Network. Hard skills, such as administrative processes and technology platforms, are not as well taught as soft skills. 

When looking for a job, improving one’s soft talents and highlighting them on one’s resume will catch the eye. Recruiters generally respect soft talents and are aware that they are difficult to come by.

2.Truthfulness and Transparency 

As per LinkedIn research from 2022, putting your talents right on your resume is critical, and having an up-to-date CV is necessary for securing a dream job.However, a potential employee resume must be transparent and truthful. Employers place a high importance on candidates who can communicate effectively and who will show up and deliver. 

Many candidates have emphasised their skills and abilities, but when it comes to demonstrating how they have applied those strengths, they are unable to do so. How well do you deliver when you’re not asked? 

References are checked as well. When an employer examines your resume, they will check and even call your references to ensure that the information provided is accurate.

 3.Embracing technology 

Familiarity with technology is among the top 10 essential qualities employers look for in employees in 2022. People that have a technological advantage are extremely valuable in today’s environment. For an employer, being able to navigate social media and manage accounts is quite impressive. Most organisations converted to online employment after the Covid 19 outbreak, and it has become a requirement for any employee who cannot get it to the office.

According to Gloria Michelle Otieno-Muka of Recours Four Kenya Consultants Limited Interviews are sometimes conducted online, so demonstrating that you can manage a computer will be advantageous. Most businesses had to adjust to survive after the Codid 19 epidemic, and the pandemic hastened digital change.

4.Interview preparation 

In one of her recent videos, career coach Joan Thuo emphasised how interview preparation is a positive feature for any possible employee, saying,

“Magic Happens When Opportunity Meets Preparation.


” You should not wait until you receive an interview email to begin preparing for it, but should do so at all times.” First and foremost, a potential employee should do some research on the company and, if possible, locate and speak with existing employees. The Information will aid you in comprehending the company’s culture and principles.

Joan highlighted the importance of interview preparation in gaining a competitive advantage. It is also necessary to read the role’s job description and make a list of the most important features. Knowing why you’re applying for the job and what your value proposition is important. These will lead to an interview call.Being decent or official is vital since recruiters see how you will represent the firm even when you are not in the office.  

Be able to recognize the soft abilities you possess that will aid you in playing that job and in the firm as a whole. Form a relationship with the panel during the interview, and be sure to be deliberate and communicate clearly.

5.Having a Talent Pool

top 10 essential qualities employers look for in employees in 2022
top 10 essential qualities employers look for in employees in 2022

Recruiters believe the most pressing issue they face is a lack of qualified candidates. Having a talent pool from multiple sources such as a significant social media presence and followers, clients, connections to influential people, and nurturing them to the organisation’s projects, events, and chances helps a candidate become more qualified. Says Catherine Kamau

6.Global Skills 

Recognize that inclusion and diversity are among the top 10 essential qualities employers look for in employees in 2022. These are vital not only for the employer but also for you as a candidate. A potential employer should be able to communicate in a variety of languages and cultures, as well as comprehend and understand them. This will aid in the formation of meaningful ties among people of various backgrounds. 

“It is critical to have strong networking abilities so that you may readily access resources and opportunities. You should also be familiar with the industry and the key players, as well as be able to establish contacts with them.”

Advises Joan the coach

  Digital literacy is a good quality for a candidate to possess. Organisations hire people from a variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds in 37% of cases. People from many cultures and origins prefer to leverage their shared experiences to generate stronger answers to issues, resulting in more creative and productive organisations.

7.Social Media Presence 

People in today’s workforce have the ability to express themselves and showcase their abilities online. Many businesses are able to look into potential applicants’ LinkedIn accounts, as well as their network, which has been an added benefit. This can assist the company in determining how the candidate will portray the company as a whole while on the road. 

It’s critical to have a strong social media presence, especially if you work in sales, marketing, or the media. The candidate’s capacity to thrive in a virtual setting is equally critical in order to improve teamwork and achieve great achievement. Returning the favor by assisting the organisation in reaching out to more individuals and growing sales increases a candidate’s worth.

8.Self-aware and passionate 

“Passion is what will motivate you to succeed in any profession. Your attitude will influence your outcomes. Be self-motivated to do your best at all times. Self awareness refers to people’s increased knowledge of socioeconomic difficulties, workplace culture, and personal ideals.” 

Gloria Michelle Otieno.

An employer will be impressed by a candidate who can appreciate other people’s cultures, grasp what is going on in the globe, and be inclusive. It’s crucial for a candidate to demonstrate that they can respect their colleagues for who they are. Corporations are not required to teach you everything. It is critical to put in the effort and demonstrate interest.

9.Candidates experience

top 10 essential qualities employers look for in employees in 2022
top 10 essential qualities employers look for in employees in 2022

A potential candidate with experience working for one or more organisations and exceptional performance has an advantage over a candidate with no experience, explained Susan Thuri, a career adviser on linkedin. The organisation saves time and money on the training process because of their experience. For the organization,experience is a key tool because they want to invest in someone who can help them grow. 

10.Growth mindset  

It is critical to be inventive and to be able to perform better and provide the highest quality. An employer would rather recruit someone who is eager to learn and adapt than someone who possesses all of the technical abilities required for the work but lacks curiosity. A potential employee that possesses this quality is able to grow in a fast changing workplace, and their success is both long and impressive.

 “After Covid, the capacity to think critically is crucial to assisting the business in determining how they will perform and issue and solve any challenges that may arise. The desire to succeed despite all obstacles and setbacks is equally critical.”

Says Jamlick Muia.

No one else will shout about you if you don’t. As a result, as a job seeker, make sure you learn these skills in order to progress from being a potential employee to landing that position. It is not always possible to get a job with an excellent academic paper. To be considered for that post, a possible candidate should improve these skills to make the process go more smoothly.

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