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‘’I just came to make sure that the pig is dead!’’ That is what I heard my brother Enock say to his wife when I was walking to my room. I am sure that is what he will be saying when he finds out about his wife’s affair with our brother Jacob.

Finally we are all here. It has been seventeen years since I saw my siblings last. It’s true what they say. Death brings people together before it separates them.

We will probably bury him far away from the house. Sing it is well with my soul while deep in our souls it will be… I am happy today, so happy, in Jesus name am happy, because he has taken away that pig away.

There is not much to say about my family. We are three brothers and one sister. I am the third. Our mom died while we were young just after I was born. I know what you are thinking. Well my sister was born to a concubine. Okay I will be honest, to a student my father used to lecture. We were all wise enough to welcome her into the family and we have loved her since. At least I would like to believe that. I found Jacob touching her breasts in the kitchen yesterday in the kitchen. That beast.

The last time I saw my two brothers was during mom’s funeral. I know Enock was heartbroken. Mom was the only one who ever appreciated him. Okay it’s like this. Enock was never really good at studies and he was languid most of the time. He got a C in his KCSE and the look dad gave him, well lets say after that he never looked at him again. Dad had often lashed Enock and the boy was practically terrified of the man. Many times he would cry in his sleep and Jacob would make fun of him in front of the entire class. He was a bed wetter too up to high school. Dad always looked at him with disdain. He told him he would never amount to shit. Yes, he said that word. So Enock worked as hard as he could; from a hawker, tout, mitumba till he owned his own business owning a chain of clothe lines.


Jacob. The beast. He stole Enock’s birth right. Dad loved him the most of the three of us. That was before Hope came along. He was lucky from the start, got all the brains, all the looks. He was also very sly just like Esau’s br  other. Dad replaced Enock’s disappointment with Jacob’s bright future. He was a natural genius. He got all the ladies that we could never get and even though he was a jerk to all of them, it seemed to attract them rather than repose them. His story is a success.  He drives a 1.8 million car at the moment. The Mercedes is used to take the other girls out. It seems his love for the fifty two year old coco has faded away. This was the only thing that ever displeased dad. But hey he said the older the berry the sweeter the juice, or was it the darker.

Me. Well there is no much about me. I was just the one who never wanted any part in the royal rumble. I got the bread crumbs of the love. My parents never really got my name. Well, I wasn’t so bad at my studies but I was never muscular like Enock. Thank God for Hope because when she came into our lives I felt like I had a family. That was seventeen years ago.  When I had just aced that              A- and for a while my dad recognized but it would never light a candle to Enock’s straight A. so I worked my ass out without expecting any recognition.  Thank God my software got recognized and I sold it for a lot of cash. It’s the most used app in this country. I am also about to marry the girl of my dreams. I met her in campus. Sophie is the love of my life.

Hope is the only one who doesn’t have issues I guess. She stayed with our old man when everybody had left. She has a beautiful soul and I wish I could prevent her from old and losing her innocence.

The will is why everyone is here. I am sure dad left everything to Hope and Jacob. Enock will probably contest the will and I will just not give a crap. And then life will continue as usual. Enock will go home with his cheating wife to their three children. Jacob will go for a vasectomy now that he is tired of contraceptives. I will marry my Sophie and she will fill the gap that my parents left. Our little Hope’s life will be different. Jacob will probably try to swindle her out of every of her cents while I will adopt her.

And the family tree dries out.


By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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