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You are a natural hair enthusiast who is also a natural hair dummy? Fret not with this tips on how how to maintain natural hair from A Natural Hair Pro.

We interviewed goofy Monica Kalyonge of NaturallyCoily254 on maintaining natural hair and you don’t want to miss a word.

  1. When did you start your natural hair journey?

I’ve always had natural hair. I’ve never chemically altered it. However, I took taking care of my hair seriously somewhere 2015 or 2016

2. Why did you decide to keep your natural hair??

I don’t have an exact reason why 😄. However, I was bald headed (literally, nilikua nanyoa Jordan) from class 5 until I finished high school and my first experience at the salon after that was torture! The blowdry, pulling of hair as it got braided…it was too much! So I just found myself researching alternatives and I found the natural hair movement.

3. What is the secret to keeping your natural hair healthy?

There’s no secret. I think the biggest change that people who want to embrace having natural hair have to accept is that it needs a person to completely change their haircare habits. Other than that, a solid haircare routine, consistency when it comes to that haircare routine, patience and having realistic expectations

Tips on How To Maintain Natural Hair

4. What would you like other women to know about natural hair

Natural hair is a lifestyle and sometimes might require a person to completely change their haircare habits. The other thing is acceptance. Accept your hair for how it grows out of your head. If it is kinky, embrace that and glow in it. This whole ‘good hair’ narrative needs to be done away with. Good hair is healthy hair. I guarantee that if the person you think has ‘good hair’ did not put effort in maintaining it’s health, you would not envy them. Also, enjoy your hair at it’s present state. It’s nice to have a goal (whether it’s length or whatever) but enjoying your hair at it’s current state leads to a certain appreciation.
Accepting your natural hair fully unlocks a whole other level of self love and acceptance. I can’t explain it, but when you gain the confidence to walk around with your hair in it’s natural state you just feel like you’ve leveled up somehow

Any other questions I’m happy to answer

Tips on How To Maintain Natural Hair
Tips on How To Maintain Natural Hair

5. What are healthy hair habits

  • Don’t use a lot of direct heat like blowdry, flat iron, hot combs etc. It weakens the hair and makes it weaker
  • Use moisturizing products
  • Leave your hair alone for stretches of time. You can do styles which tuck away the ends in order to let your hair prosper in peace
  • Use tools meant for your hair. Wide tooth combs and some brushes work well with natural hair. Rat tail combs are good for parting but don’t expect them to go through your hair
  • Tie your hair when you go to bed with a satin or silk scarf or bonnet. This helps maintain hairstyles and also reduce loss of moisture to your pillow.

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