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Among all #jichoche stories, mine is the most lackluster…2019 ilianza poa until around March nilipofutwa kazi.

I lost because my performance had deteriorated to unacceptable, my excuse was I had a lot in my plate but that didn’t help my situation.

Niliji-console ati sasa niko free and will focus better on my personal projects but ata project zenyewe sikuwai zianza.

Fast forward, sometime in August I got a better job offer but i rejected it “because i was busy with school.” i hoped against hope the chance would be waiting for me once i completed the 8-4-4 system in December….

It’s now two weeks into January and a call about the job hasn’t come in yet.

I don’t regret my choice of letting the job slip just like i don’t regret a million other bad decision’s i’ve made.

My #jichoche decision is never to let another opportunity pass me by even if i am not qualified for it. ka sijui nitajifunzia kwa ground, tutorials ziko YouTube na Google haijaikosa jibu.

My shine during the past year was beating TB and other related chest issues.


By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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