4 thoughts on “Time To Look Inside”

  1. No matter how we slice it, I think logical cultures dignity and values, if were to be taken seriously, should save the world from chaos. Wierd, I Know.

  2. The events that shape our world stem from our ego programming/conditioning. If we undo those programs, reboot back to the default factory setting of our true nature, then bliss would be our reality.

  3. We search through life’s purpose with our eyes wide shut. You are right Wakahare. This time we’ve been brought down to our knees and forcefully made to look inside as individuals – with powerlessness to a fast changing society.
    In precarious times, what each individually seeks inside themselves is different but could it be the find is subtly common?…peace!
    That’s what self reflection tells me is who we really are, want and long from others. Our living spirits are hardly ever at peace so we shouldn’t misuse this opportunity to step away from the race and remember goodness, kindness & simplicity.
    That in itself is enough for us to stay still and take time to look inside.

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