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Tributaries run across the crust
Capillaries on human flesh

Roots diving into the past

flowing from the mountains
whence I look
And strength floweth
Veins pumping plasma
The beat in the arteries
like energy in current
gushing through the rocks
These rivers will flow

Rivers of life run across the cosmos
From source to seas
Healing barren lands
Giving life
In the beginning water broke
Nile nourished Nasser
And the womb water survive you
Amniotic fluid flowed
And you knew the earth
Rivers of joy filled up
Your mother’s face

Rivers run
The sight of onions
Piercing, pulling
Eroding rocks
Leaving debris
And going her way
Always on the run
Like A fugitive
forming figurative figures
fluid, free
These rivers keep on flowing

At first
They rushed, run, madly
Young, vivacious, Wild
Burning my cheeks
Adventurous young-lings trying
To outlive their fathers
Journey the ends of the world
running from evil
cleansing themselves
Only to meander
into an ocean
vast enough
to absorb their dreams
They became a drop
Among many
emptying in an estuary
These rivers will flow

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