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Finally the fuss about the royal wedding between star Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is over. On Saturday the 19th of May 2018 Meghan kissed her sweet life goodbye.
i want someone to look at me this way

Oh! Please don’t kill me! It might seem as a great honour to marry royalty but mAn, she is going to forfeit lots of things. First she is never ever going to act and if I recall well, most of us knew her from Suits. But let’s just be honest, it’s not like she was the best actress so Suits won’t lose anything so long as Harvey and Donna are there. But most of us folks did like the couple Ross and Rachel portrayed.

You know there is a point where I thought the prince would do her as Ross had on their onscreen wedding. No, I joke, I joke. This might actually be considered as slander. There were complaints from the public that she ought to have married Ross but lets just be honest, he is just a movie producer and actor, compared to the prince. Whoop! Whoop! I hear the prince has promised to quit smoking as a sacrifice for Meghan. Yay! What a big one.

The wedding! Well, it looked like a movie! Me, Vera Sidika, Katherine Kamau, Betty Kyalo, Naomi Ng’ang’a and some people I don’t want to mention publicly paid 1 million Kenyan shillings just to watch the wedding on television at the Windsor. Man wasn’t it fun! We were also flown to Mount Kenya to have breakfast the next morning, so it was totally worth it.

I didn’t like her dress at all. The dress had been the only thing that the press could talk about but then, that happened. I liked Kim Kardashian’s dress better. But she is a royal and needs to show decency and respect so I guess it’s okay. Oh and the trail, mwah! Beautiful! And she trusted the kids to hold it up for her. So sweet.

it was something though

I mean, Kate Middleton wore a better dress and she is like forty, but was younger when she was marrying.

just compare

But I guess the good dresses have to skip a generation. Have you ever seen the thing Diana wore to her wedding?   But Meghan Markle is beautiful and she looks just like her mother, who is black. I wonder how she felt watching her daughter getting married. Power to the Africans once again. We are slowly taking over the colonizers! Even a black priest preached and said the magical words “There is power in love.”

The music as she walked down the aisle with prince Charles, makes me want to get married. But then when I think of a wedding, I imagine one of those douchebags telling me to go by the budget. And my dream is cut off. So let me celebrate Meghan’s day.

The crowds. The crowds. Would I want those many people in my wedding? I mean it almost seems out of my decision now that the prince is already married and Mswati is not an option. But, damn! I think I would faint if I was received by all of those guys in my wedding. Or shit myself. The latter seems more realistic.

Damn that crowd

The union seems amazing. In Kenya or anywhere there are the kind of men I listen to on Classic 105, you would never hear the end of it. People wouldn’t stop talking about the minor 3 years difference that Harry and Meghan have or the fact that she is divorced. Enyewe there are stupid people in the world. I read this somewhere, “Imagine if Meghan had prayed for her ex-husband and watched war room?”

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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