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There was no after school fete for you
Neither was there for our brother
Nor for me
Don’t worry
I won’t let this generation curse
Follow our children
Am sorry about the things
We don’t have
But don’t worry
Am working on it

I see how you look
Into KFC, Pizza Inn, Big Square
Wishing you could
Square your route
Fit in
And tear off
That cheesy, sticky slice
From the whole
And then savour
The taste
As you devour
Leaving none
for the rest of us

These things
We don’t have
Give me sleepless nights
I toss and turn
Bite into my pillow
Cry bitter tears
Beat myself up
For what I haven’t done
Or what am supposed to do
But I ain’t giving up

By the rise of
The morning sun
There’s usually hope
For the next day
And sometimes
I wish the night
Would not concede
To the sun
But am trying

Soon we will have all these things we don’t have

Gemini Spice



By Gemini Spice

Creative And Vivacious Poet

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