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Ashes to the nights
That I lost your love
Dust to the love
That is my human
Some stories are sad
Some stories are fun
Some things are not as they seem

And you…
You’re everything you are and are not
You’re red
And You’re black
On a plain paper
We’re just black and white;
Otherwise, it’s all a Scrabble
A scratch of different colors
You’re here –
You’re not here;
You love me
And you hate me
It’s Christmas eve;
And the church bell
is missing,
I’m sitting on the roof;
And the stars
are missing,
I’m holding my chest;
And my heartbeats
Are missing,
The street is empty …

You come like a cloud –
But you are the light;
Ever since you came –
You’ve been my muse –
And you know it!
You take me to the roof
And leave me on the floor
You pull me in
Just watch by the door

If you walk away
I’ll not look away
We’re both new to this
And obsessed with this
So let’s stop fighting now,
We can go back to yesterday…
In the white sheets –
And black pillows;
With slow beats –
And racing hearts;

Can we just go back to yesterday…
When we was one…
You were me –
And I was you;
You were in me –
And I was in you;
Remember yesterday…
Today is not Saturday
Today it’s not raining
I guess what I’m saying is ;
Every human is a viper!.
And every human is an angel…
I guess I’m more of a viper –
I’m vicious and broken
And you angel, is more of a masochist;
You’re a saint caught in sin
You just wanna to fix me
But who will fix you?
It was easy from a far

Closeness is a hill we can’t take on
Everything changes to complicated
I thought maybe
Together we balance –
Maybe together we blend –
Sort of like milk and water
Can you take my hand..

In your heart do you hear me
In your blood do you feel me now;
I love the way your veins swell up on your temples,
The way your lips move underneath your tongue,
The way your eyes speak,
The way your hands move,
Your breath…

Don’t you tease me now-
i don’t want to hurt you now-
You say you like it –
And I like that you like it-
I just don’t like how you take it.
You know it’s hard for me too-
When you gasp.,
Coz you know what’s coming-
When you close your eyes.,
Coz you don’t want to see me like this-
When you…
When you cry…
Your tears when they fall –

I know you’re feeling good;
You’re feeling right
This is what you want;
And sweet venus
That’s hot
You’re hot!
We are on fire!
This is what makes life worth it
And what we have is the end.
We’re Finished
We’re done for !
We bleed just to nurse our wounds!
We cum just coz words fail us!
We connect
We play hearts
Play possession
This world is full of imperfection
So don’t be too hard on us
This is our bubble

Situations reveal what we don’t,
Actions say what we can’t,
And ours; is just another misunderstood labelled story !
Always hand in hand with spite
Misfits they say!
And they choke on their words
Coz we don’t prove them wrong
And they’re never right
I don’t own you –
And You don’t own me –
But us,
I’m hoping we’ll own that someday.

Coz when you turn up with a black eye,
You still come back
When you run dry on every hope
You still come back! –
It gets brutal
It gets bloody
And you still come back

You say you we’re fine!
But that’s far from our reality
We fight
And they fight us
We hide
And they seek us
Yet we still together –
Still laughing
Still hugging
Still kissing
Still wanting more;

No one can ever get you like I do,
And no one can ever get me like you

Change is easier said than done..
Acceptance is no judgement –
No fences

I’m your worst nightmare and the fantasy you hold dear…
You’re everything I detest and believe in!

We’re more than a story …
We’re not written in the stars;
With blood and sweat;
Tears and cum;
Ours is knitted deep with our bones!
Engraved in permanent ink!

Even if I break you;
Even if you break me;
We can still heal us…

They say love is home;
But pain can be home too.
If love is home,
Then Why is it freezing in a place we call home
There’s way too much pain to hold back
All we ever give is love –
But hate is our portion
Sometimes it gets tough
But you hold me down
You make me know –
Nothing is worth my peace
Happiness is a priceless gift everyone deserves
What’s the point in saving your soul when you don’t own it
Masters of the show deserves a worthy time

I just want you to know
That in my arms you’ll be safe,
And in my heart I’ll keep you warm –
My heart is a safe I would lock you in if I have to
Don’t know about love;
I just wanna keep you in.
I won’t promise anything –
Coz you already know
You won’t be safe
And You won’t be free;
But you already know you’ll be happy!
Happier than you’ve ever been

I’m sorry about last night and every other night,
You’re a part of me
And I can’t loose you.
The joy you feel,
The joy I feel
The joy we feel
It will never die.
So stay another minute;
We both know you’ll never walk away
And I will never change
But that’s not all about us
There’s more to us than us

By 13elle

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