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The smart money woman Nigerian Movie which is a millennial woman guide to managing her finances by sharing the money lives of five girlfriends living in Lagos. It’s a movie and guide I would recommend for any woman who has her eyes on the price.

In this review, I will use the critical money points revealed in the film as well as entwine the story that this rich guide gives to young ambitious African Women.

1.Things Fall Apart

Episode One of The Smart Money Woman begins business-minded Zuri breaking up with her wealthy boyfriend, losing her car and her job hanging in the balance. She realizes she is not a smart money woman and has to cut her spending and up her game to become one.

2. If its not necessary, cut it off

The baby girl lifestyle has Zuri on her toes. She loves the glam life just like you and I but it is derailing her. Zuri sells some of her designer handbags and cuts down on expensive spar treatments. We are also introduced to the marriage of Adesuwa, a lawyer, who is the sole provider of her family. Her deadbeat husband spends their money on other women and friends narrowing their joint bank account.

3. Employee Management & Brand Reputation

Trust fund baby girl Tami loses all her employees and she cannot deliver designs she had promised her clients. After hiring some tailors in a hurry, her reputation sink as the newbies do not deliver. Her friends come to her rescue by trying to re-brand her image on social media.

4. Spendthrift Triggers

Even when we strive to be financially sane, there are triggers that return to the bad habits. For Zuri, its her two friends; trust fund baby girl Tami and rich wife Ladun. Lara, their financially sane friend and a representation of the black tax, confront them.

The Smart Money Woman

5. Writing Wills & Bankruptcy

Ladun’s father-in-law dies and his rich family realizes that apart from failing to write a will, the family is in bankruptcy. They deal with this rude shock as they have to move out of their family house and start over a less affluent life. Has your father written a will? Or will they think you want them dead if you ask this? Have your parents sort out the family land issues? Do they have a title deed? Do you have a retirement plan?

6. Sugar Daddy or Financial Advisor

Tami wants to be independent but it wont happen unless she stops being dependent on her rich dad for all her business capital. The girls talk to her about getting a loan but Tami has other thoughts. She is currently juggling two boyfriend. Spendthrift sugar daddy Bobby who will kill her with enjoyment. “Anything financial, reach to Bobby,” He says. Then there is the financial advisor who is like a boring University lecturer. Who would you choose?

7. Family & Finances; Black Tax

Lara is the first born in her family and like many firstborns, she provides for her mother and siblings even though they keep swindling her. She makes a final tough decision and chases them from her house when after forgiving her brother and continuing to pay for his fees, he yet again, loses the money. What would you do?

8. Money and Love

We are back to Adesawu who’s husband wipes their joint back account clean and runs away with his lover leaving her and their son broke. But karma, Karma is a beautiful bitch.

This series is top notch. Its amazing how they entwine the stories with critical financial tips for women. love how Nigerians are leading in the film department especially on topics interesting and crucial to the Thriving Millennial Woman!

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By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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