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We were out there smoking,
For a minute then, head back,
Into the bank when, a lone limo pulled up.
It was crisp, executive and a benz.
It only had a driver.
We paid no heed, and,
Went back inside.

A minute here, a minute there,
The president walks in.

We are stupefied as we are suspicious.
It is the president. Nonetheless.
We rejoice, and cheer him on,
As he, shakes each of our hands.
We are all happy.
The commune and the leader.

He comes closer to I and I,
See his grayed hair, his,
Now thin-slim stature,
A pale shadow of his youthful days.
He is the president. Nonetheless.

The populace, now aware of his presence,
Ask that, he talks to ’em because,
It has been long, since the son talked last.
And he obliges.

He does more than talk and,
He bursts some moves, as we,
Cheer up the music, the president,
And capture with our cameras,
Everything we see-ing.
It was sublime, till,
I lost balance, falling my phone,
And other ladies and gentlemen of respect.
Then the pomp faltered. And, he stopped dancing.

He asked us to sit,
And let him speak.
And he did, and thus he spake that,
It was a costly affair, to run a country,
And that, he’d often use,
Money out of his pockets,
To ensure, we all had a litu something,
Coming to ours.
And that, his salary, had never been enough.
His tone got endearing,
I got worried.
The woman next to me got worried.
The kid next to me started yapping an’ complaining,
Then, we all got to heckling him when
He started saying how,
Letting him stay
As president till,
He recouped his money, till,
He ate till,
He got his health back, but
We’d have none of it.
The people started milling around ‘im.

The police hadn’t calculated on this,
Seeing as, the crowds had blocked all entries,
And the lone sentry, behind the president,
Soon overpowered by slaps,
Punches, teeth and grunts,
Left the president, caught in between,
An army of angry citizens
And a cheering group of netizens,
Tired of his incompetencies,
Who… a gunshot rang out.
Then rapid gun heckles came out.
We saw a whole line of, our compadres falling,
A whole volley of humans eating dust,
As fire rained from gun barrels, as,
The president’s men tried to get the man out.

It was a massacre.

We saw the windows.
We saw the open windows.
We saw the panes (made of glass)
We saw a way out.
We punched and shot out,
As the coppers shot at us.

The torrent ring of gunfire went on
While we ran out,
Towards. Towards. Towards.
Hundreds of marksmen clad in combat
Lined up in formation,

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