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Kujichocha n’ lazima!

Say it with me, “kujichocha n’ lazima.”

Like right now am chocharing myself that you will follow through this article to the end.

And that might be a turn off but najichocha.

I’ve got no plans for Christmas and my account laughs at me every time I check my mpesa balance or make any plans. But najichocha.

The entire phenomenon of being human is kujichocha. That’s what we call going to sleep having made plans for Moro but you ain’t sure you’ll even see the light of tomorrow’s day. Unajichocha Tu.

Every step you take, unajichocha Tu.

You talk to a new person not knowing if they will talk back to you or give you the frozen shoulder.

You don’t know if she’ll say yes but unajichocha Tu when you approach her.

He is not sure he will withdraw but he convinces you to get to the middle of the mango. You ever get there? Something pink, pointy, pretty. Mwaah.

You dont know shit in this world, unajichocha tu. You ain’t even sure about the shit you support but you still open your mouth to talk.

But you see that’s how it begins. My pal Mayuu Sanaa once told me “Akothee and Jaguar are not very good musicians but the reason they have a fan base is consistency.”

If kujichocha is a one time thing, consistency is repeated kujichocha. When you jichocha every day of your life. You wake up not feeling like it but you make it to the bathroom.

You start singing other people’s songs, you jichocha and write yours and jichocha more by singing it to People, Infront of People!

They dont give you many claps but one meets you backstage to tell you, you were great. So you hold on to that one. Till they get to 5 and now you have 2 YouTube subscribers. Yaay!

You head on to make your 7th Album and now you have songs and some experience in music. When you break free, you’ll have lots of wind to keep you afloat.

Still you jichocha that the fans will grow, your music will be played on Kenyan radio. Someday.

Kujichocha is what Sauti Sol did when they produced song after song from Lazizi, Awinja and believe me, I know there were many more before.

That you can screw up so bad but still have the courage to show up and face your mistakes.

Kujichocha is failing, failing, failing and trying again, fucking up and learning and still looking forward to tomorrow.

And hey kujichocha is having dark suicidal thoughts and still getting the courage to puke out those pills. Live to fight another day child!

So am going to kujichocha in 2020. You see, najichocha I will see next year. Kujichocha n’ lazima.

Are you with me???

#jichoche! #kujichochn’lazima #jichoche2020

Gemini Spice

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

12 thoughts on “The One Thing 2019 Has Taught Me #jichoche2020”
  1. manze osam ata saizi najichocha tu nikiandika hii comment ju sijui ka kuna mtu ataisoma…..admin damn this so dowp i enjoy reading it and you know its the reality brought out so well…

  2. Hehehe ulijichocha kuni tumia i link hoping ndasoma till the end na nimesoma. An amazing encouragement to this nowadays world where hope is the only motivation left. Words are powerful na tuki utter ‘najichocha’ ka daily.. Iyo chocha u work maze

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