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They burned down the market on the day Vivek Oji died

Mysteriously exhilarating, written in a style known to radically prioritize the voice beating the familiarity and status quo in literary fiction and traditional mystery.

Vivek ( Nnemdi , their preferred name), got to live in the last days. Born out of an inter racial union, to parents who grew apart by the day since the birth of Vivek; because when Vivek was born, Ahunna , the mother of Chika , Vivek’s father, died. Had they been a girl, Vivek would be ‘Nnemdi.

Vivek was born, after death and into grief;

“It marked him,you see…They brought him into a home filled with incapacitating sorrow; his whole life was a mourning…”

Vivek recounts how invisible they felt to the world. But did the views of the world matter?

Vivek was molested as a chid, making them disturbed…The parents sent Vivek to Church for deliverance yet Vivek was being their true self.

This book is unputdownable, written by the most candid author of our time.

Akwaeke inspires the sincerest of emotions. Carrying us to Vivek’s world, mostly told through Vivek’s ghost and Osita(their cousin), Vivek was the love of his life.

Osita watched his lover die in his arms; He thought he was just trying to protect them from the world, but he failed.

Fortunately, this death that conceived alot of pain to others brought Vivek immense joy.

Vivek says,”often wonder if I died in the best possible way—in the arms of the one who loved me the most (Osita) , wearing a skin that was true. I watch him grieve and I want to tell him he’s already been forgiven for everything and anything he could ever do to me.”

Vivek having lived a life of hiding their true self from their parents and only feeling alive and appreciated with the close circle of friends found their death to be a liberation, unabashedly their self!

With varying wealth of themes; the LGBTQ+, religious fanaticism, mental health, self awareness, death and grief, boundless love, traditions and reincarnation;

Take aways from the book

  • Find the parts of you that make you happy and simply let the self thrive
  • Diversity exists and that people that are still discovering and appreciating their sexuality or preferences go through a myriad of challenges often in the hands of a closed minded oppressive society
  • There is a voice of recognition and support for the otherwise discriminated against in the community.
  • Just because something is different doesn’t make it wrong
  • There’s already too much pain and bitterness in the world, as a person, what act of kindness do you deal?

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Go amaze yourselves!
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