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I have forgotten how the sun rises,
I am addicted to the darkness.

The birds singing and the music from a distance feel like broken glass slicing through my ears,
I hide from the world hoping that my script comes to an end.

Everything tastes of bile,
The once beautiful fragrance of love is now lost in the stench of my thoughts.

I hide from the world, hoping that’s its cogs will stop spinning, I think of the noose – the new representation of love for self.

Like flies, I scattered my compatriots,
Like the devil, I betrayed my love.

She drank the poison from my lips, and I planted the seeds of my demons in her soul.

I am now alone in my darkness, warm from my unending tears, Red from my leaking soul.

Far in the corner of smog of my mind, I see the little boy I was,

The sun shining from his head, when life tasted and felt like cotton candy.

I wish I could go back and undo the tragic dance with the devil.

But I already made a pact with cursed darkness, I will serve my time and probably try and cling to the light that was once me.

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