Period Poverty Is A Crime Against Women.

Reading Time: 4 minutes And in Kenya, over 65% of girls still cannot afford this. Over 37% of the general population lives on less than 134ksh a day ,where is the money for pads for a household of more than just one girl and multiple expenses of the least of which is school fees, food, water, electricity,among others, supposed to come from? 


Reading Time: 4 minutes But why? Its just blood. Which leads me to question whether the problem isnt that its blood. Its where the blood is coming from, the vagina. Is it considered unclean because its coming from between my legs? The same between my legs that on other days is merited clean enough to even lick?

“Women Don’t Hate Their Period, It’s the Management”. Menstrual Instruments of Choice

Reading Time: 2 minutes Heeey! We are having so much fun with this Month’s theme! We started this month with a discussion of menstrual instruments. We gave you a brief on the evolution of the sanitary pad from that achaic pad made from goat or sheep wool which makes me glad that I was born in this era. While …

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Stress And Menstruation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Not much is known about the relationship between stress and periods. However, stress certainly plays a role in suppressing the functioning of the hypothalamus, which controls the pituitary gland — the body’s master gland — which, in turn, controls the thyroid and adrenal glands and the ovaries; they all work together to manage hormones.

May is For Menstrual Health Awareness

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hellooooo! And welcome to this month’s topic that we are so excited to delve into. Why this topic, you ask. Well, for starters, it’s a taboo topic! And there’s nothing we love more than taboos. Second, the silence around this topic is too loud! Loud as the pain that more than half of the population …

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Menstrual Products Should Be Free!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Right from when a woman is 9 to 13 years old, she will experience her first period which will be constant for the rest of her life. Shouldn’t such instances be taken care of by the society and government? I mean, we have free maternity services but lets just be honest, a woman will need that only 1- 3 times in her life, or more if she decides to have more children. But menstruation comes every month, every 3- 7 days and even more for some women, so why aren’t sanitary towels free?

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