I Have A Hawt Bae!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tonight, I have a date with my hot bae. He told me to take him to Subway, apparently, they have awesome Shawarmas. He also requested that once I have grabbed my Uber at Juja, I should pick him up in Ngong Road. Said I should treat my man and that’s how he is used to being treated anyway. Fifth wave feminism.

Did I say anything else about my bae except that he is hot? Yes, because he is, hawt!

The Douchebag Market I

Reading Time: 4 minutes In my 10 loyal years to the douchebag market, I have been with a boy who asked me for money every step of the way, a thief, a complainer, a serial-womanizer, a peddler, a psycho and a guy who asked for money a lot. You should see my re-battle on Zero Chills TV, or you can just any of my friends.

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