A Belief Rooted In Ignorance Is As Dangerous As A Plague.

Reading Time: 5 minutes If there is anything that is not African, then it is the religions we so dearly hold onto. True African cultures celebrated diversity and promoted acceptance.

It is time for the new generation to wake up and uproot the tree of hate and discrimination planted by biased and uninformed traditions and religions. It is time to plant a new seed of knowledge, love, tolerance and understanding.

Hating the Queer in Kenya! “You are not girly enough” and other stories. Proud as I am.

Reading Time: 8 minutes I am aware of the homophobic society in which I exist. I am aware that lesbians are fetishized while gay men are thought of as gross. I am aware that the constitution criminalizes my existence.

What I am to do? Because I exist, and my existence must make sense, I must resist all these external forces, I must resist my constitution, I must resist when they try to oppress me, I must speak out against the injustices against my Lgbt community, I must persist so that the generation to come will not face the injustices that me and other queer have faced in this world.

So, wherever you are, know that I am walking this journey with you. I do not understand the predicaments of trans people and gay men which are more than mine, but I will fight with you till I can’t fight no more, that’s when I die.

Exist, Resist, Persist and share with pride. Its pride month baby!

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