It’s All Gender-Based Violence: Lets Review Kenya’s Generation Equality Roadmap to Ending GBV and FGM by 2026

Reading Time: 6 minutes Let’s Ask the Difficult Questions

Is it really possible to end GBV by 2026 and FGM by 2022? Of course not! In a country where the name feminism and gender equality sound like insults to women and men, how do we do that?

Second, where is these 23 million investments in gender equality and 1 million dollars in for research and innovation that Kenyatta promised?

How does Gemini Spice Magazine get it to advance women rights with the five-year plan we have designed? How does Sikimyii get it to create our GBV app and fund our research?

This Is It (The Power of 26)

Reading Time: 3 minutes And now, I just want it all. A full life. Meet and interact with more people. Learn more languages and culture. Read and learn more. Understand more. Listen more. Write more. Express more. Live more. Love more. Want More. More. I don’t how many years I have been promised. I plan to live my life in truest version of myself with no apology whatsoever! The dream is to get a monument, so baby watch this space coz a fearless spirit, a fire-breathing dragon, has risen and she ain’t dying any time soon. Raaarh!!

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