Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Presidents of The World. Bonjour! Madam President.

Reading Time: 6 minutes We are our grandmother’s wildest dreams!! If your dreams do not scare you; they are not big enough. Ellen Sirleaf It’s 2021 and even though it is not equal; a girl brought up in Africa can dream of being president. Africa, unlike the developed countries of the world has produced five female Presidents! Beginning with …

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Why Feminism? A Proud Kenyan Feminist Reborn

Reading Time: 11 minutes I was reborn a feminist. And I want a feminist society.
A society where we can recognize and appreciate diversity, then include everyone in our new eco-feminist manifesto cum eco-socialist where we care about our community. A society where everyone who exists in it can do so equally and we can have more acceptance.
That is the society I want. This is why I am a proud Kenyan Feminist reborn

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