Flying With One Wing

Reading Time: < 1 minute We’ve seen Nebuchadnezzar’s
whip and the dexterity of it’s wrath, drawing designs of maps on
the skins of our past, we’ve also been told of how dames and popes
who were honored with a badge of truth later danced to beats
resonating from the larynx of demons

Lame the Movie Premiere’s In Eldoret

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lame revolves around a pair, Lame and Tasha who are trying to present their proposal to a group of sponsors for funding but struggle to do so as Lame’s clumsiness and bad timing keeps getting in the way. From spilling tea on Tasha to pushing her into a pool of mud, this movie kept the audience not only entertained, rib-cracked but also set a standard for how Kenyan movies are produced and celebrated by their own.

Corruption Is Ingrained Into The DNA of Kenya

Reading Time: 4 minutes But, if we were to fight corruption, who would fight? Forget the government. Too busy thinking about who will run the country come 2022. Journalists have turned to writing crap and avoid any serious conversations. The university students who used to go out to the streets to fight evil are in silence. I am one of them. Some are just too scared to do anything about it. At the rate those who dare break the silence are being incarcerated for fake news and incitement, I would also be scared.  The rest simply do not care because they are busy thinking about their families and their future. But what future is there if our country will have gone into the pockets of greedy people who care nothing about the masses?

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