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Black history month is coming to a close but we are not done being black. Our BHM 2022 topic was hair and we chose to discuss the Afro. Here is a summary of our Black History Month 2022.

We chose Black hair/Afro/Nywele as our topic because we wanted to educate you on and celebrate our African Crowns, our uniqueness and identity as children of the Sun, royalty descended from the motherland. And that we have done.

We talked about the Spirituality of African Hair. Like galaxies, Black hair grows in a spiral pattern, Like trees, Black hair grows toward the Sun. Black Hair reminds us that all is one.

The Spiritual Nature of Black Kinky Hair
Summary of Our Black History Month 2022
Summary of Our Black History Month 2022

We also asked you to tell us the story of your hair and recently published one by Shay which you can read here. It’s amazing to see how African women are embracing their crown and reading your stories has been enlightening

Beauty standards have come a long way and more people are embracing their natural hair.
Women with short hair, fros, locs, or natural protective styles are so common now. Haircare
brands are coming out with natural hair care products lines. Even salons are now aware of
how to take care of natural hair.

Summary of Our Black History Month 2022
Summary of Our Black History Month 2022

We also talked to experts about the types of Hair which is critical to understanding the best treatments for your hair.

If you want to have healthy and lustrous hair, the first step is to understand your hair type for you to figure out the perfect hair routine and hair products that achieve desired results.

Rachel Moraa
Summary of Our Black History Month 2022

We also interviewed Natural Hair Enthusiast and founder of Naturally Coily, Kalyonge Monica and she shared tips on maintaining natural hair as she has been doing for the past 7 years and her results have been amazing.

The biggest change that people who want to embrace having natural hair have to accept is that it needs a person to completely change their haircare habits. Other than that, a solid haircare routine, consistency when it comes to that haircare routine, patience and having realistic expectations

Monica Kalyonge
Summary of Our Black History Month 2022
Summary of Our Black History Month 2022

Then we closed of the month with a secret from Yao Women of Chinese origin on how to grow your hair up to 1 meter long with an easily available regiment that you can find in your kitchen.

What are these secrets to long lustrous hair? How can the rest of the world incorporate it into their hair growth regiment? In this article, I narrate my journey to having healthy long hair after experiencing struggle to gain strength and shine back into my hair using ancient Chinese women secret

Kantai Naserian
Summary of Our Black History Month 2022
Summary of Our Black History Month 2022

We hope you have enjoyed this month as we have and we hope you will be joining us next month for our March Topic. Can you guess what it will be? We wont tell you right now but just know, March is Women History Month. Can you remember how we did it last year?

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By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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