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Damn baby! I finally watched this after my sister forced me into it. She didn’t even complete the movie but me I watched it till the end.

The Cast Baby: Great Women, and Idris Elba

First of all, thumbs up to Harley Queen because that woman is my muse and how I get her and agree with her! Damn! Does she have her own movie!

And the rat-woman! Yes! That’s the kind of shit I want to see all my life. I just remembered how she told Idris Elba,”No, I will get you out of this” and baby did she save every one! I loved how emotional she was in the movie; the strength of the feminine principle is our tears, these which flow like the rivers of mother earth do around the world.

Baby am I glad that the heroines and heros of this movie were either women and hey; not just white women but black women and Latinas, and the sexy black man; Idris Elba.

Seeing Viola Davis as Amanda Waller was sex on fire, like the one Harley Queen had with the ex-president who she killed right after sex. Hahaha! I loved the birds’ scene; such a pity they were burnt by the masculine president who took over after he died. That ex-president guy, whoever his name was in the movie was a romantic, had tapped into his feminine energy and he was just beautiful.

I also loved to see Teresa Mendoza of Queen of the South as leader of the rebel group that took over the government. Damn that woman is queen.

The creativity in Suicide Squad 2021 is one to just glue your eyes on the screen for; the way they told that story from beginning to end was just a work of genius. The way they wrote the scenes on the screen and the elements they used was beau-ti-ful.

The Story

So goes the story of a bunch of high-end criminals sent by the US government to fight off the Maltese government who have refused to lick the asses of the former. Amanda Waller personally recruits the best and puts a detonator in their end to ensure they do not go against said orders.

They get to the country only to find out that their purpose is to get rid of evidence that the US was involved in this project Star-Fish and that they have concentration camps where dissidents are fed by the Star Fish; a ET that was captured and held in Juitenam, and tested to see what advancements the super power could get from it.

The Motifs

Lets talk about the concentration camps and revert to Hitler’s ‘despised’ concentration camps where they held ‘deviants’ of society (activists, journalists, gay people, gypsies, radical women and any other people who were not of the ‘glorified’ Aryan descent) and conducted experiments on them to make medical advancement and racial purification. Think how this was condemned when Hitler did it but how other world governments were doing it and continue to do it.

Yea, you think this is a conspiracy theory, huh?

Well revert your mind to V for Vendetta, Sense 8, Vampire Diaries, Suicide Squad and many others I can remember right now and see the inference to how there are many of these camps where people are kept and done inhumane experiments. Mostly those people your government tells you are not human enough; gay people, people with disabilities, albinos, activists, true journalists. People who disappear from the face of other and are reported missing for years; never to be found. Where do you think they are?

Remember how during the rise of HIV, the US government convinced many black men and women to be part of medical experiments that would help them develop a cure for HIV and STIs. Remember how they were tortured; some even to death. You think movies are just entertainment? Baby literature and art are a reflection of our society. Watch the Matrix again!

Continues the Story

So after realizing the camp, John Cena refuses Flag (guy from Altered Carbon, is there a season 4) to take the hard drive to show the world the truth. He even kills the guy; fweks at least Idris Elba kills him before he can kill the rat-girl. She wasn’t gonna die either way but good one!

I loved how Harley Queen rescued herself from captivity. This character is one of true self-actualization! She adorns the boots, and takes the javelin and rescues herself in a red fucking sexy dress, only to find the people trying to rescue her outside on their way. She is not a damsel in distress, she is a dragon in a dress! “Aaaa, should I go in there and wait for you to rescue me” hahaha!

So the gang disobeys Waller as does Waller’s team and they ‘save the fucking city’ from alien invasion.

“This city is not yours, it is not mine, it is theirs!” Says the rat-girl as she unleashes millions of rats and in her mind, her father’s memory. “Daddy, why rats?” Young rat girl whose father taught her how to control rats asks. “They are the lowest form of life… If rats have a purpose, so do we all.” Damn, I nearly shed tears.

And just like she had promised Elba, who is very afraid of rats because his father used to lock him up with rats, she gets them out the shit, and Harley Queen flies with her javelin and kills the alien like Ayra Stark did the White Walkers. Damn baby!

Parting Shot

I should be paid for this review because I know whoever reads it is gonna watch this movie.

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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