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The rains come in April, in May Re-birth happens.

In June you were rejuvenated enough to have pride.

And now, its July, time to show our feminist power!!!

Hello, feminists out here!!

Feminist Power!!!


Our theme this month is brave, loud, and unabashed!

If you are a feminist; proud and do not have buts and ifs.

Then it’s your time to join a team of like-minded and open-minded feminists here at Gemini Spice Magazine!!!

Following the generation equality forum that just happened in Paris from 30th June to 2nd July, it’s prudent we express our feminism the most, ask questions that need to be answered, forge ways that make gender equality a reality for all of us!

Submit your kind of art and let’s power up together!

NB: This submission call is only viable during the month!

So get submitting on our website (The Submit Section) and let’s spread our feminist power!


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