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Chocking on the taste of my blood
I’ve fought to stay above surface for so long
in out of sorts
and my energy is all gone
Like a pen gives purpose to paper
you’re the reason that I live
Im Holding on to straws write a letter on a reed
but the tides moving faster
drowning me in a river of my own tears

I weep
for the children of the dark continent
touched by the flame of the gods
The enemy is coming
Judas with a kiss
They ride the sea
and carry with them evil that is rich
Its dressed in white robes
and has a disregard for equals
Forgive them
for they not know what they do
when they take the mat on which you sleep from under you
How are you?
Heres a remedy, pray for more

They’ll be Handing you a new God
in exchange
  a few spoils of the land
Ummm and the land itself
and the people who are on it
whether living or dead
Trade a life on your feet
for a life on your knees
ask and it shall be given
look we are living proof of this

I weep
for the children of the burnt ones
chocking on the smoke
of their generosity
The incense has been burnt out,
the spirits are roaming the village
whispering lies to the ears of the children
bent over
and kissing the ground
on which the once stood proudly
the one that saw them birthed
and welcomed them to life
with rain and thunder
with the moon shining under
the clouds that threaten to steal the sun of tomorrow

I weep
for the children of the valley
the snake is coming
scream like Mekatilili
Betrayal in the city
force your way like you’re preaching me the gospel
kingdom come heavy
you kneel or ill shoot
That sounds familiar
like the sound of my piggy bank breaking

I’m walking in a parmanent slumber
you’re my nightmare
think  I can tame it
Road to rubber
horse power like I can’t feel
Accelerated heartbeats
i can’t breath
I’m chocking on my words
I just want free
But ill keep holding on to straws
for the ones that are thirsty
Hungry for a revolution
Feeding the damn beast
You created a monster
No longer afraid
Lost all I can
You can’t fix this with AID
band aid food aid ops AIDS
let’s just kill them all
do it in his name

The tide is moving faster
and I’m tired of holding on
I see you by the beach
eating grapes in your khakis
Ill let the water flow
learn to swim
and live plenty
I’m coming for you next
not a threat 
We left shit pending

💕 Muthoni_ni_mimi

By Muthoni

Radical Feminist

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