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In the late hours of day
When dusk has its glory
Then and only then
Does it appear
The stairway to the heavens

Just before the red
Blood from Ra’s throat
Spills over
As his spirits dims

Just before set
Rejoices in the defeat of day
And claims his throat of night

Just before the birds of the sky
Call it a day and fly home

The stairway to the heavens appears

It towers the evening star
Visible to all
A bright path paved in gold
Its majesty unmatched
Impossible to imagine
Unbelievable to the eye

There is a catch though
Just below it
Towers the Limbo
Where treachery rules
Its volcano mountains steep
Its valleys deep
Flowing with hot lava
Mixed with warm blood

Mythical creatures harbor
Thirsty for blood
Ready to pounce
On whoever dares

A brave heart
Tastes extra sweet
A strong spirit
Smells of fresh meat

One day I will dare
Stare death in the face
Pace steadfast
To that place
Where appears
A stairway to the heavens

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