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It is beautiful to dream of you
It saddens to know this world will never let us be
Our worlds distanced by elements of grand magic
I was a boy when I marveled at your beauty, at you being you
At how love can be something so marvelous, something so alive
Our love- a beautiful curious eyed baby, laughing and giggling; never growing up
Our love holding us together, even when the light of our passions grows dimmer and dimmer, even in darkness we find some light, light that keeps us alive
But I was just a little boy wondering where in the world you could be. Hoping one day we could be
A lover who oiled my wounds and wept as I bled, a lover with imperfections that made me hate all that is perfect,
I pass my fingers through the cracks of your skin, they tell the story of loss and tragedy, my hands tell one of healing, of comfort, of love, of forever
Am an old man now and I still visit you in those dreams, a world which is more home to us than this long torment we face with the rising sun
we travel there, a journey within,
We meet in the meadow.
Flowers have bloomed between us, the sky is the colour of the rainbow and the river produces music as it flows a couple of steps away.

The tress and the wind have halted their customary dance. silently, they watch us, a spectacle. we share no words, none are needed.
Being here, now, with you tells me everything
We are prisoners to this world, a world that has denied us the opportunity to cross paths, to experience the touch of the universe
I am here, with you in my heart and soul; somewhere you may never know.

I look up to the stars, the full moon lighting our stage, we are together tonight, just as I look at her and long for you, you look at her and long for me too.

Two souls, bound by fate, cursed by luck, having never met, but loving in their absence from each other
If not in this life, I will find you in the next, my dearest… I wish I knew the name they gave you.

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