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The video was posted 20 hours ago on You Tube and it’s already rolling in the nice 145k views.



I have been waiting all my life for this power collabo to come through and finally!!!!! Its on our screen and true to its word, its short and sweet and not only because Chimano and Nyashinski are in it.

Maaaan! My coolest gang ganged up with my OG Nyashinski. Now I can die peacefully.

Sikiza ii maneno

Short and sweet, DJ play the song on repeat
Odi Odi dance to the beat
Apolipo kama tana feels so sweet
Apolipo kama tana feels so swEet

I mean this is it!!! This is the real deal.

Let’s introduce the artists. On one side is Sauti Sol.


If you got beef with these niggas, you can shove it up your ass. I have loved these guys ever since I heard the song Lazizi and when they released ‘Still The One’ I knew I had gone black.

On the other is Nyashinski.


I mean when I was young listening to Kleptomaniax, this was the guy with lines that could make you feel like an idiot. Then he disappeared and when he came back he came back with the monster, ‘Now You Know.’ No matter how many songs he will release, my kids will have to know this one. When I finally got to listen to all the lyrics, I was like, “What the Fuck!” by the way Nyashinski, “Ukikaakaa sana…..”

“If you’ gat too much class, then do me like assignment [yeah]”

So, the boys in block came together with the one who’s come to make a mark on it. What do you get? Short and Sweet. What both of them are bringing to the scene is originality, creativity and utamu wa roho which will only last forever.


I am a fun. Damn! I want a tee-shirt.

Can I get your attention, and let’s get warmer
Lose attention, be together
I know how to treat you better
take this moment and forget tubo
With this feelings undeniable
Moyosha ji pakwani, nana simi kuku bali
Lime kimbiz anyu kinile asali
Oh Lord; amma…


By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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