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Silently she swarms in like a leech..
The rival of prudence..
And I got on my double-breast..
Who closes the eyes of beauty..
Am about to take a lady to my island..
Now she got on a fuck ’em dress..
And steals the hours of time..
And brings the winter to age..
The taste of her body..
My remembrance of home..
We gave each other pleasure..
And I make her feel special like a place kicker..
Appetite in transgression..
Did i say..
She said she wished she could cut my..
Take it with her..
I say hold up..
She say she just playing..
Hot sex and cold wine..
Eyes closed..
Sucking from the wounds of pain left behind..

The hate and envy..
She lives in resides airborne..
Sounds that she has..
Summoned up hunger..
Brought me near the edge of everything…

She came inside…

As i faded..
Her face disguised..
she whispered..

Feel my pain..
A touch of impurities Tainted..
Infected, poisoned passion..
Here have a drink, and die!
Taste the water drips that sail across my lips..
To depths that others despise..

You are mine bwoy…

2 thoughts on “Sex To Hell”
  1. Good day Ms. Wambui Ochieng,

    I am a trainee at ACWICT and you just shared with us about your wonderful journey and experience up to where you are. I’m inspired and very proud of you. I am a blogger in my own personal capacity, and I’d be delighted to work with you for the opportunities that you mentioned. I have two blog links as my reference for what I’ve written, you can check it out: and

    Looking forward to be part of this great initiative if considered. I’m also passionate about women affairs, as I’m a feminist too. Nice to meet you.

    Lisa Biwott

    1. I am glad you have shared this Lisa.

      Please check our submission guidelines and submit your work.

      I will also Check your blogs as soon as I can.

      Am glad I have inspired you. It means a lot to me.

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