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Sold my soul for a sonnet

This time next year we should be lying on some sunny beaches in the Bahamas

Now look at me.

Seven years later and I cannot get to you

I can write a poem though

Look at all the shit I have been doing

Since we were teenagers

Breaks my heart to know I havent said “Happy Birthday” for seven years.

I lost my home and my fingers refused to grasp the pen

I do not know where I belong

Sweet darling

Even whom I became

Do you?

Or is it a mirage there too?

The mistakes I have made

Did you make them too

Or did you age with grace?

Did you get clean?

Now that word makes more sense

Than it did when we were beaming love

Sweet darling,

If you knew me now

Would think me unclean?

A look into the mirror

And I cant remember

Did your wings grow

Or are you still in your cocoon?

Do you still go quiet for days without saying whats wrong?

Do you still remember my poetry?

Or did the words go with the winds that have carried away your affection

Sweet darling

Did you keep my letters

And open them in the middle of the night

Just to see if am still there?

Did you keep my photos

Or did they end up in a bin somewhere?

Do you remember how i called out your name?

You never did like when I said all three of them

They were an assurance

That it was you

When I said them

I believed there was a place in your heart for a poet like me

You princess

Were my muse

I dropped the ink on your skin

My poetry danced in your eyes

That’s why this space is not enough

Remember that day

When you held me close to your bosom

Chasing away the cold and rain

Yanking me from the storm

When the waves took us to that Island

Where It was only you and I

There sweet darling

You enchanted this poet

With melodies unknown to my stupid heart

There you took me away

From their prying stares and glares

For a moment, my teeth did not grit inside my mouth

That’s when i knew that scorpio’s heart

Belonged to this crazy poet


Gemini Spice

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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