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Hi you,

I really hope that you have been keeping safe and sane during these uncertain times that are becoming our normal lives.

Its with great excitement and pleasure that I launch Gemini Spice Magazine’s first ever Issue,  Issue 001We Will Survive Covid Issue.

This issue is unlike any other that you have ever seen!

How You Made This Happen

In September 2020, coupled by the difficult times realized during Covid, Gemini Spice Magazine decided to respond by calling out submissions from all over the world for the We Will Survive Covid Issue.

We told artists and activists from all over the world to contribute to this issue by sharing your experiences during Covid.

And no one let us down.

People from all over the world; I am talking about different continents here, contributed their pieces in form of

  • Poetry
  • Art
  • Photo Stories
  • Stories
  • and Reflections

all of which you will find in this Issue “We Will Survive Covid.”

I cannot contain my gratitude for the support we have gotten from everyone.

The Issue was part of a broader movement, the “We Will Survive Covid Movement.” An initiative inspired by our earlier movement; Jichoche 2020. From Afrika to the World, we are joining in solidarity to tell you that We Will Survive these times that have tested our strengths and resilience as a people.

To access this Issue

Order your softcopy on our website, ( at only $5.50 only.

You can use this link to view the issue on our website.

Once you have paid through our Paypal, or Mpesa, you will get access to a google drive link where you will access your personal copy.

If you want the hardcopy. Please reach out to us through our email ( We will be giving our “We Will Survive Covid Tees” For Free, for our first 10 buyers.


My heart is bursting with gratitude to all the people who made this issue a success.

Thank you to all the people who contributed their pieces, to the editors, to the designers and everyone who supported in any way. Thank you!

About Gemini Spice Magazine

Gemini Spice Magazine is the first ever Afrikan Literary Magazine built on Afrikan Feminist and Socialist ideologies.

We aim to create a commune of artists and activists ready to change the Afrikan narrative and pen down a world that is inclusive, diverse, equal and accepting to all world’s individuals.

But our story is even deeper than that.

I started a WordPress blog in 2015 where I would bleed my emotions, dreams and desires with no inhibitions. In 2020, I quit my job to convert it into a Literary Magazine. Its not been easy but it gives me happiness and a heartbeat.

Gemini Spice Magazine is not just a hobby to me, this is my heart and soul, a place where many writers have called home, and releasing this issue means the world to me.

Your support means the world to me.

Explore our website: to know more about us and interact with pieces from different artists.

Follow us on Social Media and spread word about us.





By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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