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Grab your khaki pants!
Black and white bandana!
Black tees! Raarh!!
Drop them dreadlocks!
Your fists up in the air
We are going to protest!

The silence scratches my ears
The shame smeared on the lips
Of our state
The guilt in the regrets of the youth
Who inherit the sins
Of our forefathers
Come on sisters
We got a planet
To save

Fire has destroyed
The dreams of our freedom fighters
Water will heal
The wounds wailing woes
Resurrect the remnants!!!

Carry enough water
Its going to be a long walk to freedom
Be ready
To yell out
As loud as you can
To stomp the yard
With our Gideon boots
To recall that
Mau Mau call and the bravery of
Mekatilili Wa Menza

With our knees on the ground
Our fists in the air
We shall demand our rights
At the front of
The Supreme court
We shall demand justice
And pray that those
Walls and bricks
Have not turned deaf and blind
To our cries

Come on sisters!
Its been long enough
In the name of Wangari  Maathai!
The misconception of Wangu Wa Makeri!
The defiance of Moraa Ngita!
The courage of Malala Youzasfai!
The legacy of Martha Karua!
The audacity of Stella Nyanzi!

The resistance of Wanjira

The unrelenting spirit of our feminist predecessors!
We shall March
From freedom corner
To the office of the president
To the Supreme court
They shall listen
Aluta Continua!

Gemini Spice 

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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