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Were it not for Violas Davis, you and I would never have been inspired by Annalise Keating on How To Get Away With Murder. A role that landed her a plethora of Academy awards. Viola Davis’s Netflix Interview with Oprah is a must-watch.

Her powerhouse performances on Fences, Ma’ Rainey’s Bottom, Widows, The Woman King, The Maid, are unforgettable. Her mission in the #metoo movement is formidable. Playing Michelle Obama on First Lady, and havis just released her highly-anticipated memoir, Finding Me  Viola Davis is on fire!

The Award-winning actress sat down with Oprah to share her life story. Pointers to her experiences with racism, colorism, poverty, addiction, sexual abuse, childhood trauma, about forgiveness, the radical power of love, empathy and compassion. An aspect of duality which makes me think of what her therapist said to her,

“That life is about two things; living life for pleasure, and gratefulness, and joy; understanding that the downtime is gonna come.”

Viola Davis
Netflix Oprah Viola Davis Interview

6 Things We Learn From The Viola Oprah Interview 

Netflix Oprah Viola Davis Interview
  1. Pain Is A Powerful Resource

Viola reveals how a bad existential crisis pushed her to write the memoir. Reminds us of the unique see-saw between pain and pleasure. She finds excitement from her career life, quickly followed by a feeling of exhaustion, of impostors in her life (in terms of friends), people overstepping their boundaries, people feeling that she was a commodity and the pressure (of unseen responsibility). Again, bringing me back to duality.

2. Life’s Questions and Doubts

Surprisingly, she finds herself questioning what IT is? IT as in the IT life. Questioning what home is to her, and how she can get to it. Questions that many of us try to avoid, because of all the demons we might have to face. Then there’s the shame that comes with realizing that you don’t know what you’re doing with your life at all. 

3. The Journey of Finding Ourselves

Bringing me to what Viola shares about feeling ashamed because she didn’t have the tools to figure it out on her own, a shame to not knowing what everybody else does. Consequently directing her to the beginning of her story, going back to the purest form of Viola to find the answers. A task that is, regretfully, easier said than done. Indeed,

“as you go down this path of trying to become your ideal self, you’re gonna meet parts of yourself that you don’t wanna be.

4. Masks

Ironically, she points out that wearing this mask of bravery, confidence, of the boss woman was really her neglecting her wounded self, and yet it is this wounded side that defined her more than anything else. A manifestation of how we’re conditioned into performing for the respect, attention, validation  and celebration we desire.So much for “fake it till you make it.”

Netflix Oprah Viola Davis Interview

5. Her dreams were bigger than her fears

Another sweet spot was how she pointed out that her dreams were bigger than her fears. So many of us don’t get to really pursue our dreams because of the illusion of security, and fear; fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of the unknown, pick your poison! Beautifully, she goes on to quote Anne Lamott by reiterating that “All courage is, is fear said with prayers.” This reminded me of my life coach, who’s always talking of “feel the fear but still do it!”

6. Manifest

Then there’s the manifestation tip! This babe literally manifested the man of her dreams in three and a half weeks! 🧐📝 

Parting Shot!

I’m enjoying these Oprah interviews tremendously. And I love that Viola has joined Adele, Michael Jackson, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga,  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, high profile guests who Oprah has interviewed in the past year. I would love to see her interview Shonda Rhimes, Amanda Seales, Cynthia Erivo,Beyoncé and many more black women at that! 

If you’ve not watched the Netflix Oprah Viola Davis Interview, what are you waiting for? It’s full of gems and deep in the most fulfilling of ways. If you’ve watched it, let me know what you think about it. Did you enjoy this depiction of vulnerability brought to Oprah’s Maui porch? And if you’re not planning to watch it, what’s your beef with Oprah? Or are still hung up on Viola’s portrayal of Michelle Obama? Spill the tea! Sharing is caring 😋

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