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Paulo Freire said that only the oppressed were at the best position to understand their suffering. So who better to liberate them that they themselves?

I have been writing about corruption for the past few weeks and honestly there are times I have had to sit down and re-think what I was doing. 99% of the time, I think, “what the fuck am I actually trying to do here? Is it even possible to fight corruption when no one cares?” But then I think about all of us who are suffering and remember that this is our country. We have as much right as possible to dream, speak out and fight all injustices. Kenya is our country and supposedly a democracy, so it’s within us to stand our ground and push back. We have to emancipate the masses. Gather all those who think alike, rally those who are afraid and wake those who haven’t realized the strength that they have. They say protesting is patriotic, so why not scream at the top of our lungs?

I remember an article I wrote some time back where I said that corruption is ingrained into the DNA of Kenya because of colonialism. Most of our misfortunes and even some fortunes are as a result of colonialism. I was so angry at the time I was writing that article and by God I wished we could return to that Utopia that I suppose we lived in before the white men came to Africa. But then I realized that we are not children or idiots. As much as the White Folk showed us how to grab lands and be corrupt and our forefathers made the mistake of continuing that culture that some of us can’t wait to be part of, we all have brains. My emotions have always clouded my judgement and for a long time I wanted to change that. Then I realized that it’s always the angry ones that do something. If our freedom fighters had not been angered by white imperialism, then we never would have known Independence and freedom. So I allowed myself to get angry.

In a country where 99% is owned by a 1% and the 1% that remains is scrambled for by the other 99%, aiiii, someone has to talk. We need to make some noise so that things can shake up man! There are extremely wealthy people in our country who we have so generously given the power to continue adding more to themselves by electing them into government offices. Then there is that 99% who either; live in the slums, have no place to live, struggle to have one meal a day, have no job, have nothing to show for their lives. Trust me, you are in that 99%. And you know what the funny thing is, we have given them the power to just shit on our heads.

Every election year I see the poor (99%) go to the polls in the name of ‘performing their duty to their country’ just to elect another member of the 1% to continue adding onto his or her wealth. But until when will Kenyans make a mockery of themselves? I have seen people fighting in the name of politicians even my friends who are the elite when at the end of the day, when you do not have food at your table, you will only go to your neighbour. Never the Politician. We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by these pigs who only get fatter by the day. What sort of sycophancy is this? Can we just rethink this?

Within 10 years we have had a total of___567,460,000,000 _________ stolen by the people we allowed to rule us. How much more could have been done with that money that was stolen? Remember, we are the owners of this country and we dictate how our lives move. By calling out these outrageous politicians and demanding better, we could have done so much. Si ati hakuna pesa kwa serikali. You pay your taxes, so there is revenue.

You have the right to demand for better. We are not weak. We are not useless in the running of this country. Think of when you had to sleep hungry because you have no job. Or when you had to trek from Kayole to Town for an interview only not to get it. When you took your child to hospital and they were unattended to. Think of the traffic jam that you have to go through every day to work. Think of the brutal police. Then think that the people who represent you and busy fattening their stomach.

I tell you have the right to demand for better. You have an obligation to yourself, your children and their children. Our forefathers might have betrayed us but it is time to right their wrongs. It is time that the people, to whom power belongs, demand for better. Fight for your right to be served how you want.

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

5 thoughts on “Power To The People: Haki Yetu!!!!”
  1. Wambui daughter of kamrembo,i understand your exasperation with the Kenyan nay African lot… We go to schools but are not schooled! The political class have us on a vice grip…they steal public resources in conjunction with the civil servants with abandon… We clap for them and defend them,calling them ‘our people’! We are a cursed lot!!! Condemned to live in poverty!

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