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Emanates from a void. All creation begins with darkness. Air peers into the void and some light peers.

Pieces scattered in oblivion. Abstract founds concrete.

Sprouts a crazy idea building to a thought so intense to bottle.

The earth begins to tremble. This mountain has been dormant for too long. Has been like a sleeping lioness.

The sight of prey awakens pangs restricted.

Mother earth is pregnant. Delivery is due. The child fights to see the earth. He prowls through his mother cutting her, hurting her.

Time is knocking. Mother earth quakes. His mother screams in agony. Magma begins to force its way out of the core. His mother’s walls begin to crack, the fissures open to let flow.

The first signs, smoke and ash, puked out of the crater. Magma shoots out through the vents. Bleeding from depths unfathomable.

Mother earth cries waking all creatures. The earth quakes. His mother weeps. Opening the flush gates gushing out of them ducts.

Just one more.

Like thunder and lightning cracks in a storm, the rain pours out like God commanded it.

Like a river in its youth bursting banks and sharpening beds. Creating cataracts and rapids.

Like a tsunami hitting the beach.

Mother earth keeps quiet. His mother meets another one of her own. There’s a God.

The rush of a heroin addict. That first toke from a smokers lips.

Gemini Spice


By Gemini Spice

Creative And Vivacious Poet

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