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He loved me.

I tell you, he loved me.

Unconditionally. Erotically. Diabolically.

Like a mad man. Like a young boy. To a grown woman too afraid of flying once her wings were scratched.

That boy loved me. That man knew me.

He showed me love like no one has ever before. He showed me love till I suffocated and I could have died and he would have resuscitated me. I showed him the devil in me and he embraced her with both arms.

Then he went down on his knees and he worshipped.

Worshipped so much my eyes rained.

He said to be honest.

To never fake any reaction and encouraged me to be the best version of myself. He used to say, “baby girl, I believe in you.”

I have loved before, I thought I had been loved before. I was wrong.

There’s something you feel when you know someone loves you earnestly. He showed me in every way. He proved in any way.

That one who shows most jealousy in love is the one with the most love for their partner. He was jealous. And he proclaimed it so.

In his arms, there was a composure I learned to measure.

I learned confidence riding his dick and looking into his eyes.  

He was generous. With his love. His hate. His kindness. His motivation. His selflessness. His selfishness. He was generous.

He taught me that saying I love you is a commitment to showing it every day.

I had never been loved before you Mugz. People called by the same name can be different. Am not sure after you there is love.

Call him crazy coz he fucked me like a psycho. My juices flowing over his thighs, he lifted me to his waist and held tight while stroking in me love and nothing but love.

I could allow him to fuck me missionary coz after he would lift me to his chest and cuddle me like a baby. His baby.

He made me see my mistakes.

Arguments with him were the best. Never condescending. Always informative. Always respectful. His mind like a genius sometimes.

In my life, I have been loved by a man. A strong man with fair muscles. A man who uses his muscles for protection. Never to hurt me. A dark man. A dreadlocked man. An intense man. I have been loved. I have been loved.

By Gemini Spice

Creative And Vivacious Poet

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